Our Process

The booking process typically begins with a consultation. We recommend researching which artist you would like to work with before scheduling your consultation. You can find our artists’ portfolios right here on our website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. We're also happy to help you pick the appropriate artist since every artist has their strengths and preferred styles.

We are predominantly appointment only, and some artists have longer waiting periods than others. Trust that the right artist is well worth the wait! We also try to take walk-ins when the schedule permits. Call or text ahead if you want the up-to-the-minute availability.

During your consultation appointment we'll take detailed notes of your vision, as well as any photo examples you have. Please be as detailed as possible. At the end of your consultation, we'll take a deposit and schedule your next appointment. Note that the deposit is not a payment for your artwork nor the consultation itself: The deposit is a down payment on your tattoo, and will come off the final cost upon completion. The deposit in nonrefundable and nontransferable.

If the design calls for a drawing in advance, we’ll show you your design, and if necessary also discuss alterations. With complex tattoos (sleeves, back pieces, etc.) we may schedule multiple drawing dates so we can discuss the design in stages. As you can imagine, large tattoos require a lot of planning so we need to ensure we’re on the right path every step of the way.

Call, text, email, or message us directly through our website if you would like to schedule a tattoo with one of our artists. And as always, don't hesitate to ask questions!

Office Landline: 215-441-5122
Office Text Line: 484-GOONIES (484-466-6437)
Email: DavidianTattoo@gmail.com