Your Tattoo Appointment

On the day of your tattoo appointment, please arrive clean, fed, and relaxed. Once the design has been scaled to the size that’s going on your body, a stencil similar to a temporary tattoo is applied to the tattooing site. This is your chance to make changes to the size and position of the design. If you give the okay, your tattoo is underway!

Tattoos feel a little different from place to place on your body, as well a from person to person. Tattoos are not painless, but for the vast majority of individuals it's bearable.Sometimes you’ll feel itching, scratching, burning, tickling, tingling, pressure, vibration, or any combination of sensations. Do you best to stay relaxed and still, and your tattoo experience will be much less uncomfortable.

We don’t expect anyone to sit for hours upon hours on end. The typical appointment is no longer than three hours. Breaks are taken as needed to stretch out and refuel. Tattoos that take more than three hours to complete are broken up into multiple sittings, to encourage smooth healing and limit discomfort.

When finished you’ll leave with a bandaged tattoo and a copy of our healing instructions. The tattoo will be swollen and irritated for the first few days; ice and elevation are to your advantage. It is essential you follow the aftercare instructions as closely as possible to ensure quick and efficient healing. Most importantly, DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT YOUR TATTOO OR YOU WILL CAUSE DAMAGE.